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Head Rest

Our Head Rests are made for the outdoors. Stuffed with our plastic sawdust and a piece of our plastic lumber for weight. We have an assortment of designs and colours. You can leave them out all season, they will not mold or mildew. 

$35.00 Each

Limited Availability

Folding Foot Stool

The Regular Foot Stool is great for relaxing with your feet up or it can be used as a side table. This handy footstool also folds down for storage or if you want a lower position for your feet.

$130.00 Each

Contoured Foot Stool

This Foot Stool is great for just relaxing with your feet up. The style matches our chairs for a perfect addition.

$120.00 Each



Cup Holder

Our Cup Holders are great attached to the arm of any chair.

They slide nicely underneath the arm out of sight when you don't want them but are always there to hold your hot or cold drinks.


Country Syle Plastic Mailboxes

Constructed of high density polyethylene plastic, our mailboxes are ruggedly built to wishstand the outdoors, UV rays and significant impact in cold weather.

Features a heavy duty lid hinge, with non-rust lid spring and fasteners used throughout

Large size complies with Canada Postal Standards and is a plus for Post Masters and Consumers

$79.00 Each

Side Tables.

These versatile tables are great beside any of our chairs.

Small Table $115.00

The Small Table is: 16.5" long, 11.75" wide and 18" high

Large Table $125.00

The Large Table is: 23" long, 16.5" wide and 18" high.




NEW!!!!          The Joi of Light ... $140.00 + Tax


No batteries, no solar, no power cords 4 hours of LED light per tea light candle Ideal for indoor and outdoor use Home, cottage, cabin, chalet, RVs and off-grid Lamp hood fully adjustable Transitions from ambient to area lighting Produces 70 lumens of light

 Enough light to read by or illuminate a table top Virtually weatherproof Constructed of stainless steel, aluminum and heat safety glass Contemporary and stylish design Functional and decorative Ideal for emergency preparedness

Made in Canada