Taylors in The Community



Little Library         http://littlefreelibrary.org/


Donated with support from the Millbrook Lions.




Taylors Trees


Taylors has sponsered 5400 seedlings of white pine, norway spruce and red oak to be planted in the Peterborough area to help reduce our carbon foot print.




Barc's Chair     http://www.barcschair.com/


"Two polite Canadians, Barc and Seb, father and son, are cycling coast-to-coast across the southern U.S.A., towing a really big, really colourful, really heavy chair, inviting people we meet along the way to sit in the chair and tell us their favourite stories and jokes, and filming them - just for fun..."






Kawartha Loon Exchange                http://thegreenzineonline.com/kawartha_loon/index.html



"The Kawartha Loon Exchange is the governing body for Kawartha Loons, a local currency based in Peterborough Ontario."


We accept Kawartha Loons here at Taylors. You can purchase Kawartha Loons at the Peterborough Community Credit Union with Canadian Dollars at a discount of 10%. This means that $20 worth of Kawartha Loons will cost you $18 Canadian. Any local business that accepts Kawartha Loons will accept $1 in Loons as $1 Canadian. With your $20 of Kawartha Loons, you can purchase something with a value of $20 Canadian.


                    Friendship and Buddy Bench through out Canada and the USA







Purple Onion Festival              www.thepurpleonion.org             Hosted by Transition Town Peterborough   


The Purple Onion Festival, supporting the local food revolution.     


Millennium Park    Map