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Not all products that we have in store are featured on this page. Please come in to see the full collection of items that we have available.


We are selling enviromentally friendly and locally made products at our current location. 


Check out the new Facebook page to keep up to date with our new projects and the products that we will be offering.



Bright Coloured Metal Flowers


Handmade locally, flowers will brighten up your yard without any care needed.


Bugs and Solar Lights


Lots of Different Solar Lights to hang up or place in your garden.



Carved Wooden Bowls


Bowls are hand carved and finished with local wood.



Finished Wooden Cutting Boards


Wooden cutting boards made of various different kinds of wood in unique patterns. 


Real Canadian Maple Syrup


Freshly tapped and prepared here in Ontario. The Canadian taste the you know and love in Light, Medium or Amber.


100ml Bottles

250ml Bottles

500ml Bottles

1L Bottles


Handmade Crafts


We have a wide variety of Scrappy Dudes including Batman, Angels and many more. Made of wood and other common materials including threads and buttons. Each one is unique and handmade.


Household Wooden Products


These products are made from cleaned up and finished wood for all aspects of daily life.


Candle Holders

Napkin Holders

Coasters and Holder

iPod/Phone Dock


Even more products available in store.


Welded Metal Creatures


Creatures made from recycled metal and assorted recycled parts. Also available in store are functional pieces such as necklack holders and small boxes.


Small Pigs and Bears (Pictured)

Large Pigs (Pictured)



Necklace Holder

Fork and Chainsaw Box




Various Signs


Wooden signs in different colours with many different sayings for different lifestyles. Makes a great gift for an important person or place in your life.


Leash Holders

10" x 12" Signs

12" x 12" Signs

10" x 16" Signs

Look What I Did Signs

Happy Ever After Signs


Unique Hand Crafted Products


Hand crafted products that are one of a kind from around the house items. Only one is made of each kind and we are always getting new ones in. 


Individual prices available in store.


Metal Work Products


Products made from used oil tanks and hot water heater tanks and shaped into flowers, birds and insects. Priced based on size. Taller ones are about 56 inches and smaller ones are around 24 inches tall.



Humming Birds









All-Natural Products


Natural products for your body and your home. Vegan and with no harmful preservatives, these products are kind to your skin and body as well as being good to the enviroment and naturally made.


Bar Soaps

Lavender Oats, Lavender Dreams, Tickled Pink Grapefruit, Here Comes the Sun, Scarborough Fair, Patchouli, Bare Facts.


Laundry Soap

Stain Remover

Nitty Gritty (125  ml)

Finger Food (125 ml)

Finger Food (60 ml)







Firebowl with Loon

  Firebowl with Canoe  

Fairy Doors


Locally Hand crafted Fariy Doors.

Great for your Gardens or Decorating the Baseboard in little girls rooms.


Hand Made Wooden Toys


Hand cut, shaped and assembled wooden toys with rotating wheels. An assortment of cars and transportation vehicles as well as animals and more. 


Anti-Fatigue Mats


Mats are made from recycled car tires for home or work spaces. Waterproof and durable for busy areas. Keeping the earth and yourself safe.


Reused Skid Bird Houses


These simple bird houses are made with recycled lumber from skids and are put together using screws for easy disassembly. They are a good addition to any garden for a cheap price.


Head Rests


Head Rests for our chairs are made by a local woman in Peterborough. All parts of this product are purchased locally and sewn by hand for our shop.


Plastic and Corn Brooms


The plastic brooms are made from 100% recycled materials. The corn brooms are made with renewable resources. Any plant material used to make them would be replanted.







 Body Butter


This luxurious body butter will leave your hands and body feeling silky without that greasy feeling. The body butter heals and soothes dry cracked hands from the winter weather. It comes in 3 divine scents; milk and honey which you just want to eat, pink sugar with a light sugary scent, and cucumber melon which is refreshing and cooling.



 Goat Milk Soap


All of our soaps contain natural ingredients including our high quality family farm produced goats milk, essential oils, and essential fragrances. Bars are approx. 5.5oz, preservative free, Gluten free, non GMO, and Biodegradable. 

Sweet Patchouli - This bar has a warm, earthy aroma – with fresh fruit like tones.  Honey Almond with Oatmeal - A bar that benefits the body, mind and soul.  Cucumber with Green & Black Tea - This bar cools and soothes dry skin while assisting in tightening pores and eliminating dead skin cells.





Great Canadian Wind Chimes


Each chime is carefully tuned to a pentatonic scale and strung with braided wire for strength.

Music to your ears!! 




Handmade Weaved Baskets


One of a kind and locally made!

  Assorted Handmade Crafts   Assorted Sparkling Ciders  
  Assorted Jellies and Salsa   Custom Metal Artwork/Signs