Environmentally Friendly

"Worries about deforestation and the role trees play in helping prevent global warming are issues of concern for both the consumer and the building industry. Using plastic lumber rather than hardwood has remarkable practical advantages as well as significant environmental advantages. Industry, government and consumers are finding plastic lumber to be a worry free, long-lasting alternative to traditional hardwood, a superior product and an ideal substitute that also benefits the environment. By giving new life to used plastic, plastic lumber can help extend the useful life of applications that traditionally have relied on wood as their main ingredient. "     (Ref. American Plastic Council)


Taylors Recycled Plastic Products Inc. has always tried to be as environmentally responsible as possible and is always conscious of the amount of energy the company consumes. In 2011 Taylors decided that the roof of their manufacturing shop was a perfect spot to place solar panels. Taylors now produces more electrical energy than its business uses.


All of our products are made from recycled plastic which can be recycled again and all our furniture is hand-crafted on site by local experienced carpenters. By purchasing recycled plastic products we are keeping thousands of pounds of plastic out of our landfills every day and this also helps to stop the cycle of a throw-away disposable society. Also by purchasing locally we are keeping Canadians employed.


At Taylors we all strive to protect our environment as it is the most precious resource we have and we try to keep our environmental foot print a small as possible. Mr. Taylor has also purchased a 50 acre farm where he hopes to become self-sustainable eating all his own grown food and shopping locally to lower his environmental footprint even further.